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Financial Freedom
Financial Freedom

Long-Term Protection

Increase Sustainability
Increase Sustainability

Increases Financial Confidence

Reduce Financial Distress
Reduce Financial Distress

Less will be financial delinquencies.

Financial Growth & FreedomIt’s easier as ever!

Building Corporate & Individual Financial Sustainability

Mortgage EMI Sleeping Period

Relax, we cover your EMI payments, worry-free financial support.

Fixed EMI for Life

Fixed EMI assurance, no stress over interest rate fluctuations.

Double Rental/Equity Release

Maximize earnings: Convert your home into an investment for returns.

Wealth Management

Grow your personal and family wealth using a sustainable and innovative approach.


Double Rental | Property Investment | Double Rental Equity Release
Mortgage EMI Sleeping Period

This financial product offers the mortgage borrower a break from making EMI payments, provided the borrower should settle 45% of the loan value to be eligible for this product. This product can be a huge relief to mortgage borrowers currently as the interest rates have been hiked forcing them to pay huge EMI payments.

  • Increases saving ability
  • EMI payment funds can be used for emergencies
  • Offers flexibility in EMI payment structure
  • Borrowers enjoy 11 months EMI roll-over
  • Opportunity to benefit from favorable interest rate movements
Fixed EMI | Fixed EMI For Life | Money protects
Fixed EMI for life

This financial product allows the mortgage holder to pay fixed EMI on their mortgage, car, or other loans. Protects the mortgage holders from interest rate/profit share variations. This product can help mortgage holders from being exposed to interest rate hikes and make huge payments. Loan holders can enjoy fixed EMI throughout the mortgage period till its maturity. 

  • Protection from a rising trend in interest and inflation rates
  • Enjoy constant EMI throughout the mortgage. 
  • Ability to save for the future increases. 
Double Rental | Property Investment | Double Rental Equity Release
Double Rental/Equity Release

This financial product enables you to access your home’s equity (the cash tied up). It enables you to have a second stream of income if you have rented your home. Currently, properties are booming in UAE. It is a favorable time for property owners to pounce on the opportunity to reinvest their home equity and earn a guaranteed second income.  

  • Suitable for all including senior citizens.
  • Mortgage-free home/Cash purchase of the home 
  • Eligible holder must possess ownership rights of the property.
  • Double stream of income – rental & equity re-invested income
Fixed EMI | Fixed EMI For Life | Money protects
Wealth Management

Money Protects investment solutions are designed for individual clients & corporate businesses to meet their optimal financial goals. Our dedicated team of professionals are committed to providing premier service to our clients by creating, sustaining, and multiplying their wealth through our bespoke investment strategy and through our associated partners. 

  • Advising in MultiAsset Class! (Equity, Bonds, Funds, Alternative investments, Debt instruments, Currency)
  • All types of structure products (Phoenix Auto call, leverage notes reverse convertible, Participatory notes, Growth, and income protected notes, PPN, Warrants etc.) 
  • Fixed income products. Goal Oriented Bonds, Funds, mutual Funds, etc.
Unique and Sustainable

Develop an ecosystem that gives true value to our clients. Through our years of experience, we have understood the financial problems faced by our clients. We have developed a sustainable financial solution for our economy which could help both the individuals and corporate sector at the low and high end financially. 

  • Asset Building
  • Multi-disciplinary team
  • Unique & Reliable
  • Intelligent trading


Build a fully Fintech Integrated platform that solves all financial problems faced by clients in the current market scenario. We strive to provide financial freedom to all our clients with our innovative fintech ecosystem.


4 Easy steps to enroll in our innovative products
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Profile Creation

Fill in the online form which automatically creates a customer account in the portal.

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KYC Verification

After updating all the personal and loan information of the client. The KYC, Credit assessment is performed.

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Enrollment Process

Once all the KYC checks and credit assessments are verified. The customer account will be created.

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Agreement Sign-off

Once the costumer signs off the agreement with Money Protects. The client will be enrolled for the product.


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