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Innovative Solutions

Mortgage EMI Sleeping Period

This financial product offers the mortgage borrower a break from making EMI payments, provided the borrower should settle 45% of the loan value to be eligible for this product. This product can be a huge relief to mortgage borrowers currently as the interest rates have been hiked forcing them to pay huge EMI payments.

Fixed EMI for life

This financial product allows the mortgage holder to pay fixed EMI on their mortgage, car, or other loans. Protects the mortgage holders from interest rate/profit share variations. Currently, UAE Central banks have increased the interest rates by 0.75%. Thus, the new mortgage holders in 2019-20 are significantly impacted by the recent interest rate hike causing them to make much higher EMI payments on their mortgages. This product can help mortgage holders from being exposed to interest rate hikes and make huge payments. Loan holders can enjoy fixed EMI throughout the mortgage period till its maturity.

Double Rental/Equity Release

This financial product enables you to access your home’s equity (the cash tied up). It enables you to have a second stream of income if you have rented your home. Currently, properties are booming in UAE. It is a favorable time for property owners to pounce on the opportunity to reinvest their home equity and earn a guaranteed second income. The inflation in the market has caused a rise in the price of necessities specifically affecting the old, retired, and jobless population due to their lack of income. This product can help the older population to get a fixed income for the rest of their life.