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Capital Protected Portfolio & Investment


Capital Protected Portfolio & Investment

Here’s a closer look at some of the safest investments with the highest returns where we can help you to raise yourself on sustainable level to make you eligible to absorb high risks. You’re unlikely to generate exponential growth with these, but you’re even less likely to lose the money you’re relying on to keep you and your family & your business safe. Ultimate wealth creation & financial planning
  • Treasuries & Sovereign Bonds / Sukuks
  • Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities
  • All type of Fixed Income Products – Structured or Hybrid
  • Leveraged Fixed Income Products.
  • Corporate Bonds/Sukuks
  • Index Fund/ETF and Capital Protected structured Funds.
  • Dividend Stocks

Global Flexibility Investment

Upto 75% More Asests

Security Financial Solutions

Upto 25% More Asests

Support On Raising Funds

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Outsourced Consulting Business

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Capital Protected Portfolio Building & Investment Consulting

Overview All of these factors are used along with estimates for future returns on investments to determine if the financial goals of the client can be met or the changes that need to be made to make that more likely to occur.

Financial plans come in a wide variety of forms. Some are very technical while others have more qualitative data, and they may be highly complex or more simplistic. At Money Protects, we believe financial plans need to incorporate all of the future goals of the clients be based on realistic assets & liabilities, cashflows, investment return expectations and future forecast assumptions. After a good financial plan is created it should be reviewed on at least an semi-annual basis to determine if everything is going according to plan or if adjustments need to be made.

Capital Protected Portfolio

Capital guarantee portfolios holds a low-risk. The portfolio may require that an investor remain invested for set number of years or liquid at a price, as many of the underlying securities are bonds that need time to reach maturity or periodic returns and, subsequently, repay principal. The return on these portfolio are higher than savings account or money market returns. Portfolio experts at Money Protects in order to minimize the fund’s risk of absorbing losses will keep the majority of underlying assets conservative in investment vehicles such as bonds/ Sukuks or Fixed income instruments. They may invest a small percentage in high-risk equities. Advantages of Capital-Protected Portfolios:

The Portfolio is a perfect way to shield your money against any risks or losses. The underlying instruments guarantees the original capital of the investor against any losses the investor might incur.

The majority of fixed income instruments in the portfolio also makes it very liquid. Also, a large sum of the profits attributed to the portfolio are reinvested in the stock market to maximize the returns of the client.

Investment Criteria:A large portion of the portfolio is invested in sovereign bonds with different maturities with a maximum of one year and different returns. We aim to provide the highest return in accordance with the current and anticipated economic situation which are predicted to a very high degree of accuracy with stop losses caps.

Bonds & Sukuks: A large portion of the portfolio is invested in the Governments and high rated corporate bond/sukuk market with the aim of going as long as possible in terms of maturity date and achieving the highest coupon rates depending on the market and economic conditions.

Equity Market: A very small portion of the portfolio is invested in the Equity Market and in arbitrage operations for managing cash.

However, clients can manage above activities through fee based Money Protects experts’ guidance or on his own depending on the needs and knowledge of clients.

Investment Consulting

This section should detail all of the clients financial goals and when they are anticipated or need to be achieved with a proper guidance and caution by Money Protects for building wealth and work together greater sustainability in all times.These would include major inclusions such as managing investments & existing assets, cashflows, loan & debts, existing liabilities, business, targets, expansion and acquisitions etc.

Money Protects considers this an important part of the investments and wealth building plan is an analysis of the client’s cash flows, income, expenses, and proper budgeting to assure for enough cash cycles is being set aside to meet future goals. This will also include schedules to determine tune in of cash & credit accounts to safeguard any negative impact on overall financial health.

Utilizing what is learned in the goals, cash flow and risk analysis an investment strategy and plan tailored for the client. This will include the specific investments to be used, both traditional (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs) and possibly non-traditional (real estate, limited partnerships, alternative funds, private company investments) and their expected rates of return. It will also include the amount needed to be invested to likely meet the client’s goals and incorporate fiduciary plans with Money Protects for maintenance of portfolio or for any taxation requirements.

Understanding your financial results involves a good connection to your accounts. At Money Protects, our custodial relationships and client reporting technology allow our clients to view their investments in a realtime, 24/7 environment and increase their knowledge of how they are performing in relation to their objectives and risk tolerance.* These reporting solutions can be accessed by clients and anytime, and are utilized by our analysts when reviewing investment results with clients. *Under Developing stage

We fully integrate 21st century technology to manage our business. This allows us to be more efficient and provide the security and service that our clients require. We leverage the technology of our platforms and Partner Financial Institutions. We have well integrated know how and expertise to build client financial plans to analyze and report on client portfolios. These solutions allow for account aggregation and have ability to track outside investments and alternative positions.

Our decades of professional experience providing investment, financial planning, asset management, treasury, securities, debt, structured, and hybrids services to clients with a wide variety of needs, goals and means.