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Advisory Services

We are dedicated to helping people achieve their financial goals and secure their financial future. As an experienced financial service professional, we have served individuals, families, and businesses with unwavering commitment and expertise for over 30 years.

Money Protects will be in an intermediary role as a financial consultant between clients and financial providers. Based on fact-finding of requirements, advise prospects on need-based financial solutions tailored to requirements and connect client and provider for further dealing and consulting of financial products and services for individuals and corporate.

      • Banking and financial Services
      • Corporate Finance and Investment Banking
      • Private Equity and Venture Capital
      • Capital Raising, Acquisition and Buy Out
      • Debt Management Advisory



Advisory Services

Advisory and arrangement of financial services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) involve a range of activities related to helping individuals and businesses manage their finances and investments. The financial services sector in the UAE is highly developed and regulated, making it an attractive destination for financial advisory and arrangement services.

Driven by various factors
  • High net worth Population

  • Financial regulation 

  • Fintech innovation

  • Innovative Products

  • Futuristic Growth Ideology, Economic diversification.

  • Utilizing Open Banking and Other Central Bank Policies for tech-based solutions.

  • Government Initiative 

  • Attractive real estate sector 

  • Sharia-compliant and conventional financial industry

  • Expat population and global connectivity.