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Investment Management

Curated selection of proper asset class and managing by expert investment professionals help you to achieve optimum return on your investment. Our wealth managers focus on a balanced and strategic investment approach in line with risk appetite, preferences, and optimal return objectives. Our open architecture platform provides customized investment solutions across all asset classes. We take pride in building long-lasting relationships, with an agenda to drive wealth creation for our clients.

      • All types of fixed-income products - Structured or Hybrid
      • IPOs, FX/Currency, Index Fund/ETF, Equity, Debt/Cash Equivalent. 
      • Funds, Mutual Funds, Capital & Coupon Protected products
      • Alternative investments, Real estate, Commodity & Digital Asset Debt.
      • Currency, Crypto, DAM, and money market stocks.
      • Dividend Stocks, short-term & Long-term saving products.
      • Risk-mitigated Wealth and asset management solution.
      • Treasuries & Sovereign Bonds / Sukuks, Inflation-Protected Securities.
      • Capital Market and money market exposure.



Investment Approach

Wealth Management | Investment Management

At Money Protects, we work towards long-term capital appreciation by embedding prudent risk management. Our in-house team follows a disciplined pattern in allocating assets and in periodic rebalancing of portfolios. Aligned to achieve the return the client needs at a risk level as per the client’s tolerance.

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Risk Assessment and Minimize financial risk

Our wealth manager specializes in identifying risk tolerance levels for building a successful investment portfolio that achieves financial goals by using the effective strategy of asset allocation and diversification to minimize financial risk.

  1. KYC & Due Diligence 

  1. Risk Assessment (Aggressive, Moderate and Conservatives)

  1. Need base investment strategy, Diversification and Balanced Approach 

  1. Asset Allocation, Regulation, Products and Associated Partners 

  1. Advisory, Monitoring, Portfolio management and Return 

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We value and fulfill your objective through our tools
  • Open architecture platform and technically driven access. 

  • Risk Mitigated investment-return strategies. 

  • Tailored wealth solutions and financial planning. 

  • Portfolio Management & Asset Allocation