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How does Double Rental – Equity release product affect the UAE market?

Our Product ‘Double Rental – Equity Release’ not only financially supports property owners and corporates but also boosts different markets within the UAE. The impact of ‘Double rental – Equity release’ on the overall UAE market is analyzed from several perspectives:

  • August, 30, 2023
Debt Restructuring Services

At Money Protects, we tweak proven investment strategies to meet your risk tolerance and hedge against market volatility. We will become your financial partner and provide Debt Restructuring Services. We offer to restructure the payments and consolidate the debt by defining a new reimbursement schedule in accordance with the real payment possibilities of the debtor. Our Debt restructuring services will help bankrupt individuals and companies get rid of their longstanding debt. We work by potentially decreasing collateral with aggregating credit risk and PFE. We assist in cases having 40-45% assets at least to back the credit line. Also, assist in debt-equity swaps.

  • August, 31, 2023
Top 10 ways to achieve financial freedom

Financial freedom means you have the freedom to control your finances and life choices. A person is said to have achieved freedom only when they become financially stable i.e. does not rely on salaried income to run their daily expenses. A person who has achieved financial freedom can manage their financial resources efficiently without relying on one source of income.

  • August, 30, 2023
Money Protects inks agreement with Crowe MAK UAE, JRB CA

Money Protects (MP) has signed an agreement with Crowe MAK UAE & JRB Chartered Accountants in Dubai for a one-of-a-kind business advisory. The duo finalized iconic business plans, market and financial analysis, and financial projections over the course of 5 years.

  • August, 30, 2023